Photo by  Sammi Jauch  © 2017 - All Rights Reserved

Photo by Sammi Jauch © 2017 - All Rights Reserved

Recording and performing at Levon Helm's studio was truly a dream come true.

The space itself is simultaneously gigantic and cozy, and, after spending ten unforgettable days there, the amazing staff became nothing short of family.  Creativity seems to naturally course through the building, and the legacy that Levon left behind in career became an inspiring ever-present backdrop for the unborn songs that we were there to create.

That was the gift: working in a place where past and present meet and mingle, you could almost hear him laughing at bad takes and giving the thumbs up after a long day. It was so god damn fun.

I walked away feeling truly a part of something beyond me and I would leap at the opportunity to return to Levon’s to create, witness, or simply sit by the pond and smile.